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A former Google tech lead bragged on Twitter about how he used to trash women’s résumés in front of them: ‘Go have some kids’

Women in Technology Abuse

I constantly have my news alerts pinging to my email using the keywords of “Women in Tech”, or “Women in Gaming” just to see what’s going on in the world surrounding a topic that I hold very near and dear to my heart.

Yesterday, this gem came up about a former Google executive bragging on Twitter about how he used to trash women’s resumes in front of them. Saying absurdities such as:

  • “Women shouldn’t code”
  • “Go have some kids. Don’t worry, I’m smarter than you, I know”

Not only is that disgusting, but he was openly bragging about it on Twitter in now-deleted tweets. But alas, the internet is fast, very, very fast!

“So when I used to conduct interviews for Google, I rejected all women on the spot and trashed their résumés in front of them,” Shyu wrote in a May 22 post.

“I told them, ‘Go have some kids. Don’t worry, I’m smarter than you, I know,'” Shyu wrote.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Shyu worked at Google as a tech lead on the YouTube app and worked for the company from September 2014 to April 2018. He then switched jobs and worked at Facebook — now called Meta — from May 2018 to July 2019 as a staff-software engineer on Facebook Video.

Shyu followed up his tweets on May 22 with multiple posts attempting to explain his stance. For instance, he suggested that women shouldn’t code and should instead work as influencers or creators — careers that would lean into “their natural strength.”

“Coding is a brutal 24/7 job, mutually exclusive with motherhood,” Shyu said, saying that mothers would come back “obsolete and outdated” after maternity leave.

“No one asked for women programmers. We asked for women influencers and instead got ‘independent women’ in pants suits. Independence does not exist if you want a family. A woman should prioritize being a good mother and wife, not a coding machine. ‘Mother/Wife’ is a great job,” he tweeted.

In a separate tweet, Shyu then clarified that he thought “women can be great programmers,” but would also encourage them to stay home for work.

“Unless your tech job supports part-time work for 3+ years, you don’t support mothers,” Shyu added. “Most men sacrifice for family. Women sacrifice family for career.”

Two days later, Shyu tweeted: “Misogyny doesn’t actually exist. It’s an excuse for incompetent women who spent too much time researching ‘misogyny’ instead of improving themselves.”

Shyu has been skewered by Twitter users for his comments, with some calling out his claim about the brutality of the coding profession. “Bro you sit in a gaming chair and bash out lines of text eating Cheetos you are not invading Berlin in 1945,” wrote one user.

Others took aim at his views on women in his industry. “Men shouldn’t be in tech, as the irrational emotions produced by testosterone make them biologically predisposed to falling for dumb ideas like cryptocurrency,” wrote another brilliant Twitter user.

Female coders have historically faced obstacles working in tech companies dominated by men. Some women in tech have also spoken out about how harassment and workplace discrimination pushed them out of the industry despite the draw of lucrative salaries.

It’s amazing that people still say that there aren’t many barriers to entry for women into the tech and gaming world. Unfortunately he isn’t alone in his views, while others may not be so open to speak about them, they exist.

I’d love to find out if Facebook (Meta) has done anything to penalize this mans words – Or are they just staying silent on the issue? Most likely the latter, that’s the norm in the industry after all.

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